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Taylor Hendrickson


Taylor Hendrickson is from Wiggins, Colorado which is a rural farming community on the Northeastern plains of Colorado.


Coming from a very musical family, he learned to play a variety of instruments from an early age, including piano, ukulele, and guitar.  He began to play electric guitar in 2003 and has played in various churches and worship bands since 2010.


Taylor has received three years’ training from Global Awakening’s Christian Healing Certification Program and loves to teach and preach about the Kingdom of God. Taylor is extremely passionate about pursuing the heart of God as David did which is one reason why he loves to worship God with his instrument and in this band with Matt and Jorie.


Favorite Book: One of my favorite books is a collection of poems by Robert Frost published in 1969 given to me by my Nana who had the book since 1970. Even as I enjoy the poetry, I enjoy to a greater degree the family history that this book holds.


Favorite Ice cream: How about a kale shake instead?

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