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Live Worship. Prayer. Art.

Love On Fire exists to encourage and serve the church worldwide by fostering 

passion in worship 

and unity in the body of Christ.

   Live Worship  

We are a group of passionate worshipers, intercessors and artists that have a desire to see people come alive in worship.  As we lift up the name of Jesus, our hearts are ignited to burn with love for Him and touch our world with His love.

Matt and I knew it was time to record again.  It had been 7 years of writing, having kids, and doing life together with each other and friends.  When it was time we wanted to do a live recording with our friends - a group that consisted of other worship leaders, musicians, artists, and intercessors.  On January 21st, 2015, we circled up and gathered 60 of those people together on one stage to worship Him.  We knew we had 6 original songs but wanted to be open to the flow of the Holy Spirit that night and we hoped that He may take us places in worship that were not on our set list.  What a powerful night!  Passionate prayers were lifted up, spontaneous songs were birthed out of worship to Him and artists created masterpieces that reflected what was going on that evening.  We captured that night on this live album and we pray that as you listen you would encounter His passionate love for you.


You can purchase the live album here.


     Our Album      

We were honored to have the following artists with us during the live recording of Love Like Fire.


Molly Freeman and Sandy Beegle.


Click here to view artwork painted during the live recording.




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